jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Some Christmas wishes.

Hi guys,
it's 29th now and we're really sorry because we haven't update for so long, and cuz we wanted to wish you Merry Christmas at time but we were very bussy and we had travels and family meetings.
I know it's a bit late, but "MERRY CHRISTMAS" :)
How did you celebrate it? I personally went to Zaragoza and celebrated it with my hole family, it was gorgeus and I had fun. If I have to describe my outfit I would say it was simple, with a black skirt, leopard mocassins and a light pink blouse.
I received all of my presents on the 25th and that's what a got:
-The beautiful heart of Tiffany's./ El precioso corazón de Tiffany's.

- A leather bag that I wanted since some moths ago. /Una mochila de cuero que queria. 

- This Zara tees. / Estas camisetas de Zara, y dos mas que no pude encontrar en la web.

And some books. The first one is Nights in Rodanthe, and the second one is Message in a bottle, both by Nicholas Sparks, one of my favourites authors, I'm in love with the book Dear John.
The third one is (literal translation: If you tell me to come I leave, but tell me to come) is a spanish author who has only two books but lots of theatre script and movies, his other book is "Todo lo que podriamos haber sido tu y yo si no fueramos tu y yo" (All we could have been if we weren't you and me) it's great too.
Algunos libros, el primero es "Noches de tormenta" y el segundo "Mensaje en una botella", ambos de Nicholas Sparks que es uno de mi escritores favoritos, adoro el libro de "Querido John".
El tercero es "Si tu me dices ven lo dejo todo.. pero dime ven" de Albert Espinosa, un autor con sólo dos libros, el dicho y "Todo lo que podriamos haber sido tu y yo si no fueramos tu y yo", lo que tiene son muchas obras de teatro y peliculas, pero de momento sus dos libros son "best sellers".

 - The iTouch, I needed it haha. /El iTouch que lo "necesitaba" jaja.

 - And at least this fashion book, "The red book of style". I saw it in the souvenirs shop of one museum while I was visiting the exposure of Yves Saint Laurent. It's a perfect guide of style and selfknown.
Por último el libro "El libro rojo del estilo". Lo vi en la tienda de souvenirs de mapfre cuando visitaba la exposicion de Yves Saint Laurent (que recomiendo a todo el que viva en Madrid), y es una guía perfecta de estilo y de como ser tu mismo al vestir.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND SOON A HAPPY 2012, it will worth it! :)
-- Cristina.